Shildon in Motion

‘Shildon in Motion’ is a celebration of Shildon’s rich and significant heritage as the world’s first railway town. The project has developed a new artistic gateway at the Shildon Station of art work celebrating the innovative and extraordinary aspects of Shildon’s past and celebrates the ongoing creativity and ingenuity of Shildon’s people and its future.

I worked with designer, Nicola Golightly and creative director, Katy Milne (Greenfield Arts) to realise the final installation artwork designs. We worked with alongside the community to explore a sense of place and pride in the town, uncovering the possibilities that await and acting as a driver for collective ambitions to be focused towards a common goal.

Dan Walls brought the designs to life, braving the winter elements to get the walls painted in time! See more of his work here

The project has worked closely with the Bishop Line Community Rail partnership and the wonderful people within Shildon to celebrate the pride of this place through a new public art work ‘arrival area’ at Shildon Railway Station. The project is funded by Northern Heartlands and supported by Bishop Line Community Rail Partnership.

Identity, illustration & installation

The Shildon in Motion zine