nepacs/Helix Arts

Hidden Voices is a toolkit of arts activities. It has been designed to help dads in prison reflect on the impact of their offending on their children at home, and to encourage them to give up on a life of crime.


Graphic design
Identity design

Children in North East England whose dads are in custody, worked with professional musicians to co-create songs which openly share their experiences of seeing their dads go to prison and living with the situation day in day out.

Dads in HMP Kirklevington Grange listened closely to the songs and were inspired to work with them to co-design a 'kitbag' of creative activities. In turn these activities will be used with other dads in prison to stimulate conversations about underlying issues, reflect on behaviours, promote empathy, increase understanding and ultimately help rebuild family relationships and resililence.

I worked with resource writer Hope London and the creative team at Helix Arts to design and produce this resource kit, which is now being used in the prison service throughout the UK.